Getting Comfortable at Continental

outdoor seating with umbrellas and heaters

The temperatures are dropping, daylight savings is robbing us of our sunlight, and during COVID, seasonal depression is hitting us a little harder this year. This winter is going to look different, but we’re determined to persist through the cold and continue hitting up happy hours, even if we have to wear 3 layers and gloves to do it.

One restaurant that’s totally prepared for winter is The Continental Westhampton. This hallmark of the Libbie-Grove neighborhood has enhanced it’s sidewalk to accommodate outdoor dining, and after checking it out on a recent Monday we finally got a taste for how this outdoor dining thing could work well.

For seating, you have three options: inside in their old-school, cozy diner, on their tented patio with heaters, or outside, on the sidewalk amidst a row of space heaters. We opted for their outdoor sidewalk tables just to test out how good the space heaters were, and within the first 10 minutes, our backs were on fire, but in a good way!

For drinks, we were going to select our standard glass of wine, because it was a Monday night and we wanted to keep it low-key. However, our waitress assured us they are KNOWN for their vodka-limeade, and we couldn’t resist. So we decided to live life on the edge and ordered two large vodka drinks. And it was well worth it. The limeade was a simple but deliciously refreshing drink.

Looking for something to snack on, we immediately noticed their chips and salsa came with white sauce. We don’t know if it’s just us, but we are simply mystified by this sauce and its bland non-descriptive name. We count it as one of our favorite dipping sauces (despite having NO IDEA what actually is in it), so we were pumped to see it on Continental’s menu. Though it’s usually only seen at Mexican restaurants, Continental’s version of white sauce has earned our respect. It was creamy and tangy and we probably would have drunk it (yes, we’re that obsessed), if it were more socially acceptable. To accompany the chips and salsa, we also ordered the dirty fries which were a hefty serving of french fries topped with cheese, bacon bits, and chives. They were indeed dirty, but also warm and comforting just as we were expecting and hoping for on a brisk evening outside.

The Continental Westhampton’s happy hour is Monday-Friday 2-6 pm and includes $4 rail drinks, $4 select glasses of wine, $2 Miller Lites and $1 off all other drafts, and our new favorite, $5 vodka limeades.